Welcome to the SAVC Registree Portal!

This is the registree portal for the use of prospective and current registrees of the South African Veterinary Council.

Student registration

To apply for SAVC registration as a veterinary or para-veterinary student please click on NEW APPLICATION FOR SAVC REGISTRATION.
You will need your ID or Passport number to create your account, thereafter complete the online application form and upload the required documents, i.e. Certified copies of the following:

  2. Grade 12/ Matric certificate.
  3. Proof of enrolment at the training institution.
  4. Proof of payment of registration fee view SAVC fees and banking details.

Please click on "Submit" after completing the online application and uploading all documents to ensure that your application is submitted to the Registrations division for processing.

Access to the Registree Portal

Please note that you must be registered with the SAVC and have an SAVC registration number in order to register and use the registree portal.

SAVC registrees not registered on the Registree Portal: Please click "Register" and provide your ID/Password number to create a profile. You need to use the cell phone number/email adress on our database to receive your OTP. If we haven't got your latest contact details please forward your updated information.
SAVC registrees already registered on the Registree Portal, click Login to access the site.

If you require assistance, please follow this link.